Cool Music

Jay-Z – I can’t get with that

I’ve been reading Decoded recently, which is a surprisingly good read.  The usual self-rationalization etc., but Jay-Z shows some surprisingly insightful moments.  In the book, he discusses the track I Can’t Get with That, as one of his first music videos when he was really trying to get out there.  Back before labels took him seriously.  He describes it as as a showcase for his various flows, and it’s a pretty amazing thing to watch.


Nieve – California

Silly, feel-good track in advance of the weekend.


Inell Young – “What Do You See In Her”

Inell Young – “What Do You See In Her”

I’m always so mesmerized by watching a record spin and spin and spin.


Omar – The Man

I’m really digging this.

I don’t know too much about Omar (besides what I read on Okayplayer of course).  The whole album is pretty dope, so make a point of checking it out.



The Internet – Dontcha

Two days in a row.  It’s ok to be impressed.


Myron & E – If I gave you my love

It’s been a minute.  New jam.

Geek Music

Game of Thrones Mixtape

HBO commissioned a bunch of hip hop heads to put together a mixtape based on the hit series (it was a book series first!) Game of Thrones.

Stream it below.

Especially tracks 6 and 9.


Dwele – Too Fly

Dwele – Too Fly.  Not deep, but an earworm nonetheless.

Awareness Music

UK hip hop mix on Mixcloud

Mixcloud has become my new favorite hobby. I’ve now lost a ton of time surfing and listening to all kinds of excellent mixes and mashups.  Check out the one below featuring UK hip hop, from our friends over at The Find Mag.

R.R.R. (Real Recognize Real) by The Find Mag on Mixcloud


The Abstract and the what?

In the greatest news to come out of hip hop on 2013, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip have announced that they are dropping a joint mixtape titled The Abstract and the Dragon.

And it drops tomorrow.  To say I am excited is an extreme understatement.

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