Jurassic 5

Possibly one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. They played at the Reverb, a tiny venue in Toronto. It was such a close, personal show, everyone was having a blast. They went through a ton of their hits (everything from Jayou to Quality Control) and even went into some stuff off their new album. They perform with so much energy the entire time, and really know how to connect with the audience. It’s amazing to see a group that can stop off at a tiny club and play like they’ve sold out Massey Hall.

They’re damn friendly too! Charlie 2na came up to me before the show just to say what’s up, and the whole time they were riffing with the audience. They even stayed for ages afterwards just to sign autographs and everything. All in all it was a sick performance, and you should all grab the new album titled Feedback !


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