Dear god,

Nothing else in life will compare to what I witnessed on Sunday, Sept 17, 2006. That’s the date my life was completed. I no longer have anything to achieve because I managed to see A Tribe Called Quest in concert.

That’s right. Tribe. They’ve been broken up for 10 years. They’re old, not down with this whole crunk, dirty south shit that seems to be happening to music. No bling. No hoes. Just pure, amazing music. It’s hard to imagine a group that can work the crowd better. They knew exactly what we wanted, and gave it to us. What else can compare to 400+ hiphop heads in one room, every single one of which knew all the damn words to almost every song. I don’t think I stopped singing along for a second. I forgot to breathe even.


They played all the hits, would give the people a verse from a classic and jump right into the next song. Even Jarobi was there. When was the last time anyone even saw him?!?? I was skeptical at first, because they came back together for this 2KBounce video game tour. I know, it sounds stupid, but the line up they have coming for that album will be unreal. And anything that brings Tribe back together is good enough for me.

I can safely say that I can die a happy man now. And another one of my life goals is crossed off the list.

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