Adventures in the Emerald City


Three weekends ago I headed down to Seattle to catch Lupe Fiasco perform live at the Showbox.

If you ever get a chance to see this dude perform in person, I highly recommend doing so. He is unreal live, partly because he’s one of the few hip-hop acts I’ve seen who sounds better with a live band than he would rapping over DATs or along with a DJ.

The show in Seattle started fairly early. Our crew got there even earlier (at around seven or eight) so we had to put up with the opening act, some band called Optimus. They seemed like good musicians and some of their songs had a nice reggae vibe, but overall the crowd wasn’t really feeling their tracks.

After another hour or so Lupe took the stage and the crowd went nuts. He began by talking to the audience as though we were old friends who had known each other since childhood. As he described how we had first met the band launched into ‘Feel Good Inc.,’ and everybody went beserk.

As his set went on Lupe continued with the story-telling between songs, effectively uniting his performance into a single narrative about his relationship with the crowd. It definitely added to the show since you could tell what song he was about to perform from the description ahead of it. When he started talking about skateboarding people knew ‘Kick Push‘ was next and starting jumping around like fools.

The show also featured Matt Santos, the dude who sings on much of The Cool. Having him on stage during ‘Superstar‘ was dope since so much of that track relies on its hook. As the last song in their set, Lupe and Santos dragged out its refrain as long as they could, which apparently was fine with the crowd who were singing along and jumping around like little kids on candy and crack.

This was definitely one of the best shows I’ve been to. The crowd was hype, Lupe was obviously having a good time and the music was amazing. If 4080Records had a rating system this show would be up there for sure.


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