Freshly Served Beats

See below for some of my current favourites. Ranging from jazzy funk to underground dopeness, these tracks are courtesy of several of the nicest music blogs on the ‘net:

Little Hooks with Ray Nato and the Kings – Give the Drummer Some More

A jazzy, early ’70s jam. Check out the organ solo at 2:20. From Oliver Wang via Captain’s Crate.

DJ Spinna featuring Phonte – Dillagence (One 4 Jay)

“Likely part of the whole homage wave of cuts that started coming out after Dilla passed, this was releases as a 45 by Spinna and made it on the Mick Boogie & Busta Rhymes DILLAGENCE mixtape (though that version has Busta running his mouth on the cut). This is pretty crazy actually. It features Phonte from Little Brother doing his best Dwele impression. He runs through a mess of “classic” Slum Village and Dilla lines. Spinna is the dude…” From All Up In Your Earhole.

Quelle – Untitled

“… watch out for this dude, Quelle. yes, from Detroit, no he doesn’t sound like whatever you’re thinking.” From Classic Drug References. (EDIT: I think the sample in this track is also used in Freeway’s “What We Do“)

And, for all your Dilla fans, check out this amazing tribute from the Brasilintime premier:

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