Month: February 2008


Clinton gets sarcastic, mocks Obama

Clinton gets sarcastic, mocks Obama « – Blogs from In a pretty obscene move, Hillary Clinton has lashed out at her Democratic rival. Just days after Clinton freaking out about the “Karl Rove tactics” used by Obama in mailers sent out that negatively portrayed her stances on trade and health care, she has decided […]

Geek Music

Windows 98 sounds + nerd = music

This is pretty hilariously nerdy. Some kid, somewhere in the world (and most likely in their parents house) managed to piece together an entire “song” entirely out of Windows 98 system sounds. All the days we here at 4080 spent making beats were tough enough, I can’t imagine sitting down and trying to make something […]


Kenya Power Sharing Agreement!

In an amazing twist of fate, something good has actually come out of peace negotiations. Since a widely deplored election a month or so ago, there has been massive waves of unrest in Kenya. Over 1500 people have died as a result of the civil unrest and widespread attacks on various ethnic groups. Even worse, […]


4080Records Presents: Urban Street Photography

Urban Street Photography is one of those Web 2.0 spawned artistic endeavours, residing deep in the belly of the beast known as Flickr. Here’s an example of some wicked street photography. Flickr is a website where users can post whatever photos they want. They can also join “pools”, which are groups of users who contribute […]


Ralph Nader enters the race!

In what will likely be a disaster for the Democrats, Ralph Nader has entered the US presidential race. You political historians out there will remember Ralph from such events as the 2000 and 2004 Presidential races. This is a pretty contentious issue, but there are many many people out there who believe that his mere […]


Fidel Castro’s Resignation Letter

As you’ve probably been reading, Fidel Castro has officially been replaced by his brother Raul as President of Cuba. We’ve done our best to cover the process, but obviously have been lacking in many ways. So here is part of our effort to redeem ourselves. Below 4080 has reproduced the text of Fidel’s resignation letter, […]

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