Rock the Bells

So, y’all have heard of Rock the Bells, I assume. It has to be one of the most ambitious and amazing ideas I’ve seen. To think it all started as the dream of one guy.

Chang Weisberg put it all on the line to give hip hop heads a much needed dose of real, unadulterated hip hop. I’ve never seen such energy from anyone. Not since Block Party have we seen this kind of line-up. Chappelle may have reunited the Fugees, but Chang here managed to get the Wu-Tang Clan and Tribe. Public Enemy, and tons of others.

But it wasn’t all smiles and jokes. Hip hop is hard work, and it’s even harder to keep a group of fiercely independent artists together. Plus, how the hell do you control a giant crowd waiting to check out one of the best lineups that has been seen this decade?

For the answers to these and more, I give you Rock the Bells – The Documentary. Follow Chang’ s struggle. From heartache to hip hop. Check out the trailer:

I know it’s a bit late, since this came out a while ago, and the festival now is officially pretty established. I know it’s a success now, but in the lead up to it, I can only imagine how stressful it must have been for this guy to see everything coming so close to falling apart over and over again.

Anyways, if you can find a copy, get it. You won’t regret it.


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