So the blues have to be one of the greatest musical styles in history.

It had it’s birth in ancient spirituals and work songs sung by the slaves in the United States. It’s an art form that has given birth to nearly all of today’s great music. Jazz, hip hop, and even Rock and Roll can trace their ancestry back to the blues. The blues actually shares a lot in common with these art forms, especially hip hop and rock. All three of these genres have encouraged the production of gritty lyrics dealing with various forms of societal ills and other realism. There’s some pretty funny songs out there, like Freddie King’s Big Legged Woman, but the blues was born out of suffering and has managed to convey a sense of struggle throughout its history.

When they think of the blues most people think of B.B. King. Now, he’s definitely one of the most prolific blues artists out there, but I have to say that pretty recently my whole world of blues has started to open up. I still struggle with what to classify into the “blues” category, but I’ve been slowly discovering more and more artists. One of the best I’ve come across lately is Keb’Mo’. He’s been steadily making music for the last 30+ years, and I can’t blame him. He’s incredibly talented, and there’s no way people can find fault with he way he plays that guitar using that slider. Check out a song of his below, and make sure to track down some more. For something else, I suggest his Muddy Water – his tribute to, you guessed it, Muddy Waters.

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