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I’ve always been a bit torn about mashups, but I guess they have their place. Mashups have sometimes done a lot to launch an artist (remember Dangermouse and the Grey Album?), and I have to admit that sometimes they really aren’t so bad to listen to. It’s a chance to create something new out of existing art, and that is something I just can’t really disagree with. Sometimes it even results in art from things that were once non-art.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say straight out that I am not a huge Jay Z fan. I really haven’t liked anything he’s done in the last little while, but the Grey Album I can tolerate.

Party Ben, self-admittedly the “dumbest name in showbiz”, is an enigma. He’s done a variety of mashups, with some terrible artists and some pretty good ones. Here’s one that doesn’t necessarily stand out, but really isn’t bad.

Amy Winehouse vs. The Four Tops – Rehab (Can’t help myself)

For the more hip hop minded of you, here’s a little Roots remix. Or, how about a little Lyrics Born? This track is actually pretty awesome, and I think you should download immediately, so click on the link below.

Lyrics Born vs. Average White Band – Calling up the Pieces

It’s a real party track, it seems, but it’s nice to see some underground emcees getting a little love and hopefully getting some play at the clubs and whatnot. It’s not everyday you can listen to one of the Quannum collective while grinding on some girl. Or, that you get to hear them in a place that’s not your house. I hope this kind of catches on a little, because at least it may spark some interest by random people, and get them to look up these artists.

Lastly, for you mainsteam cats, here’s a little mix of the oldschool and the new.

Timbaland vs. The Supremes – The Way I Keep me Hangin on

Man, I have to admit that Timbaland is a pretty dope producer, and he’s been the genius behind a lot of artists in the last couple of decades. I’m pretty sure Missy Elliot wouldn’t be where she is without this guy. WAY more than the Neptunes, everything he touches turns to gold. I hate the Neptunes.

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