Day: February 11, 2008


Chesapeake Tuesday And Beyond: Why Obama Will Be The Democratic Nominee

Unlike Republicans, Democrats emerged from last week’s Super Tuesday extravaganza without a clear front runner in the race for their party’s presidential nomination. Although Barack Obama’s late surge in the polls helped him capture a majority of the states up for grabs, Hillary Clinton’s victories in larger states like California and New York resulted in both candidates receiving nearly the same […]


Shameless Self-Promotion: Loops From The Dollar Bin

For those of you interested in sub-standard hip-hop (because here at 4080 we’re not underground, we’re just shitty), check out this link to download my newest collection of beats and loops: These are the first beats made on my MPC1000, which I bought several months ago, that I’ve been generally happy with.  Switching from software (mp3s/cds, FL, CoolEdit etc.) […]

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