Shameless Self-Promotion: Loops From The Dollar Bin

For those of you interested in sub-standard hip-hop (because here at 4080 we’re not underground, we’re just shitty), check out this link to download my newest collection of beats and loops:

These are the first beats made on my MPC1000, which I bought several months ago, that I’ve been generally happy with.  Switching from software (mp3s/cds, FL, CoolEdit etc.) to hardware (vinyl, the mpc) was tougher than I expected, at least in terms of learning how to use the MPC and developing some effective production techniques (I find the manual and online forums can only take you so far, you’ve eventually got to figure it out for yourself). As you’ll hear from the beats, I’m still having some trouble with the mastering/mixing aspect of beat making, partly because the speakers I use are so shitty. Some of the drums are a little distorted and on at least two beats I definitely messed up the compression (I think I set the level too low).

Although the beats themselves are musically disparate, I’ve called this mix ‘Loops From The Dollar Bin’ for two reasons: 1. because it needs a title; 2. because the vast majority of the samples on it are in fact from dollar bins at various record stores and thrift shops around the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island. The most expensive record I used – an original copy of Grover Washington Jr.’s “Feels So Good” –  cost about $20. The others were somewhere between $1 and $10.

Anyways, lemme know what you think.


– Fu-Quon The Invisible Scientist Of Funk

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