4080Records Presents: the Notorious Frank Sinatra

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4080Records Presents: the Notorious Frank Sinatra


How can you get more OG than these guys?

Recalling our discussion the other day of the old Grey Album mashup, I think it’s about time to introduce you all to something a little newer.

I have no real idea who did this, or where it came from, but somewhere in the depths of the internet there exists a mind twisted enough to try and mashup Notorious BIG and Frank Sinatra. The album, titled “Blue Eyes meets Bed Stuy” is a pretty raw piece of work. Layering Biggie’s gritty lyrics over the silky piano and voice of Sinatra produces a surreal vibe.

Seriously. Nothing will mess with your head more than hearing the lyrics to Juicy over the beat for “New York New York”.

Download the album below, and leave your comments to let us know what you think.



  1. Juicy – New York, New York
  2. Everyday Struggle – A Day In The Life of a Fool
  3. Nasty Boy – For Every Man There’s A Woman
  4. Come On – My Way of Life
  5. Interlude – The World We Know (Over & Over)
  6. Dead Wrong – In My Room (Nancy Sinatra)
  7. Let’s Get In On (feat. 2Pac) – Rain In My Heart
  8. Hypnotize – Little Green Apples
  9. Interlude
  10. 10 Crack Commandments – Fools Rush In
  11. Runnin/Victory 2004 – A Long Night
  12. Unfoolish (feat. Ashanti) – Out Beyond The Window

2 thoughts on “4080Records Presents: the Notorious Frank Sinatra

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