4080Records Presents: iBand

I’m pretty sure nearly all of you out there have heard of the iPhone before, so I won’t waste too much time talking about it.

Basically, it’s a fancy touchscreen phone from Apple that can run all kinds of crazy applications. It’s also about $500, so definitely not within the reach of the average consumer. This thing can do anything! Surf the web, play videos, music, and occasionally even make some phone calls. Crazy.

One of the new fancy programs that has come out on it is “pocket guitar”, which you can see pictured on the left. It’s only one of many music programs, since there are also piano simulators and I’m positive at least one drum machine. Either way, this influx of technology has actually led to the birth of the first “iBand”.

A group of young Japanese people have come together and put together a band only using the iPhones. Although they do seem to be using a Nintendo DS in the clip below, apparently that is only temporary. Intriguing? Maybe. Either way, it’s pretty interesting to see that music really is making that jump to entirely digital. I’m by no means saying that this is the future or anything, but it does show that with every new technology that comes out, someone will find a way to make some “art” out of it.

Check out the clip.

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