4080Records Presents: Urban Street Photography

Urban Street Photography is one of those Web 2.0 spawned artistic endeavours, residing deep in the belly of the beast known as Flickr.

Here’s an example of some wicked street photography.

Flickr is a website where users can post whatever photos they want. They can also join “pools”, which are groups of users who contribute photos to a common collection based on a theme. Some of them, like USP, are pretty moderated. In this group, the editors select a few pictures per day to publish. In some ways I think this makes it a bit more of an honour if your photo is selected.

It has to be one of the better quality photo pools I’ve seen on there, but much like everything else, it all comes down to a matter of taste. You should take the time to browse around the site a little, and I strongly recommend you use PicLenspiclens.JPG which is one of the best add-ons I’ve ever seen for Firefox. It’ll transform your internet experience and make Flickr, Facebook, and google images look like something out of a movie. Check out the pic to the right if you don’t believe me.

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