Day: March 2, 2008

Awareness Politics

Venezuela sends tanks to Colombian border

This has potential to be big news.  My assumption is that nothing will end up coming of this move, but it still must be taken seriously. The BBC is reporting that Hugo Chavez, everyone’s favourite Venezuelan quasi-dictator has ordered thousands of troops and tanks to the border with Colombia. Hugo has apparently developed a little […]

Awareness Politics Underreported News

Disabled Iraqi children get wheelchairs, big smiles –

Disabled Iraqi children get wheelchairs, big smiles – Every day we’re faced with tremendous amounts of news about just how terrible the situation in Iraq is.  A new suicide bomber, a failed government, ethnic struggles, militant clerics, US defence contractors killing civilians.  It always seems to be bad news.  The Republican presidential candidate claims […]


Harry, Warrior Prince

So Prince Harry here has shocked the world once again. No, it’s not another party costume, or another big drunken night out on the town. Instead, he actually made the Royal family quite proud by going and actually serving in a combat zone with his army unit. You may remember the stories from not too […]

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