Canadian blues guitarist Jeff Healey dies at 41 | Canadian blues guitarist Jeff Healey dies at 41

Jeff Healey was one of Canada’s best blues musicians. Blind since the age of one, he managed to teach himself to play guitar in his distinctive style and do it well. Watching him play with that guitar sitting on his lap sitar-style is enough to give you chills.
He passed away as a result of cancer. It was a rare form of cancer that originally took his eyesight, and eventually managed to claim him as well. Early reports make it seem as if a form of lung cancer is what he succumbed to, but we’ll know more soon.

Some of you may remember him best from Road House, that glorious Swayze movie and staple of Spike TV, where Healey played the resident musician for the Double Deuce.

He has performed with some of the biggest names in the music business, including B.B. King! It’s hard to imagine a bigger star, especially in this line of business.

Just to show you he’s got a pretty diverse range, here’s a couple of tunes. First up is the sadder “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”

Next up is Stop Breakin’ Down, a track performed live at the famed Montreaux jazz festival.

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