Disabled Iraqi children get wheelchairs, big smiles – CNN.com

Disabled Iraqi children get wheelchairs, big smiles – CNN.com

Every day we’re faced with tremendous amounts of news about just how terrible the situation in Iraq is.  A new suicide bomber, a failed government, ethnic struggles, militant clerics, US defence contractors killing civilians.  It always seems to be bad news.  The Republican presidential candidate claims that the US will probably be mired in Iraq for 100 years.

Hopeless? Maybe.  But even in a situation as depressing as that there are some bright spots.  In fact, not all contractors are evil.  To highlight that fact, 4080Records brings you this little ray of hope in an otherwise tragic circumstance.

CNN has run a story about a US civilian contractor who was so moved by the lack of aid available for disabled kids in Iraq, and the fact these already suffering families had to carry their kids around.  He really wanted to do something to protect these kids, and I’m pretty proud of him.

Brad Blauser came to Iraq and was so touched that he felt he had to do something, and so he formed Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids, a non-profit that brings wheelchairs to Iraq and gives them to these suffering children (Donation instructions are on their website).  It’s actually a pretty ambitious project, and so far they’ve delivered 250 kids.

Apparently their next project is actually to build a pediatric wheelchair factory in Iraq.   Now obviously some people may feel that donated money may be better used for more particular things like food aid or medical supplies.  And for the most part, I completely agree.  However, I think situations like this one are often overlooked.  People rush to donate clothing and supplies, and forget about individuals who suffer in different ways.

Either way, it’s nice to see that someone is doing something nice in the world, and I hope that that the media will try to bring more stories like this to light.  I’m positive that this initiative is just one of many, and I’d say that promoting these type of endeavours will be send a powerful message. Showing these kind of actions may actually do a lot to finally “win the hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people.

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