Venezuela sends tanks to Colombian border

This has potential to be big news.  My assumption is that nothing will end up coming of this move, but it still must be taken seriously.

The BBC is reporting that Hugo Chavez, everyone’s favourite Venezuelan quasi-dictator has ordered thousands of troops and tanks to the border with Colombia.

Hugo has apparently developed a little crush on FARC, the armed group in the jungles of Colombia that has terrorized the nation for years, plaguing Colombia with kidnappings and killings.  In what is one of the longest conflicts in the area, the Colombian government has engaged in some sort of fighting with these rebels.

Hugo has been negotiating with FARC to try and secure the release of some hostages that FARC has held for many, many years.  It has been a source of conflict for the two countries, and things have only gotten worse.

Recently, Colombian troops crossed the border into Ecuador and managed to kill FARC’s second-in-command, Raul Reyes.  This apparently angered Hugo, who called the move a murder that was coldly calculated.  He has said that if Colombia tries to make a similar move with Venezuela, it would cause war.

Hugo has also closed the Venezuelan embassy in Bogota, and seems prepared to cause a ruckus.  But here’s hoping he doesn’t choose to go to war.

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