Obama on a hip-hop roll

Obama can’t seem to stop! His momentum is growing and growing, and more celebrities than ever are throwing themselves on the Obamabandwagon.

Check out Mos Def’s dubious endorsement here.

Mos, who is definitely a hero of us here at 4080, and the Hollywood Insider, not a pinnacle of journalism by any means, has him quoted as saying this.

He tells PageSix.com, “America’s too vain, and he appeals to America’s sense of vanity. It’s the A+R guy in me… When I saw him on the cover of Men’s Vogue, I said, ‘This guy’s gonna win because he looks good.’ “So, the best-looking guy for the job is a black guy. I’m cool with that. People also want a rock-star quality to the president, which he has.”

And Will.i.am came out with yet another Obama-themed music video, this one features the lovely Jessica Alba.

For a lot of people, I think having Jessica Alba and Mos Def tell you to go vote for a guy may be enough. This may actually do more to grab young votes than anything Oprah could think of.

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