Day: March 6, 2008


Prison Thriller

You have probably seen this somewhere on the internet before, but I thought I’d post it again. 1500 prisoners at some jail in Manila had decided to put on a prison production of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. On the musical tip, it just goes to show you that music does have therapeutic properties.  It seems as […]


“How we Met”

This youtube video by youtube user Tracecats also of, brings a fantastic short animation to the world. Drawn entirely on their bodies and recorded by what appears like a cell phone, this movie has been viewed over 7 and a half million times. It’s touching and actually pretty amusing, so check it out.


4080Records Presents: XKCD

XKCD is, without a doubt, one of the best webcomics around.  It’s witty, imaginative, smart, funny and somewhat deep in a lot of ways.  Plus it takes a pretty strong stance on a variety of issues and human foibles.  This comic is a particular favourite of many on the internet, because it addresses one of […]

Music Politics

Sex picture scandal ends career of hip-hop star

This article in the Independent UK brings a pretty startling idea to most denizens of the West. A hip hop star in Hong Kong has seen his career pretty much shattered after having thousands of pictures he’s taken having sex with various celebrities published all over the internet. Celebrity sex scandals are nothing new in […]

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