Sex picture scandal ends career of hip-hop star

This article in the Independent UK brings a pretty startling idea to most denizens of the West. A hip hop star in Hong Kong has seen his career pretty much shattered after having thousands of pictures he’s taken having sex with various celebrities published all over the internet.

Celebrity sex scandals are nothing new in most of the Western world. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, even Fred Durst. Everyone and their C-list celebrity friend seem to have some sort of nasty sex video popping up all over the internet these days.

And yet in the Western world this doesn’t seem to be hurting people at all. Most “celebrities” that have these videos appear experience a little jump in their career. I mean honestly, it’s hard to believe Paris would have any career to speak of if it wasn’t for that One Night in Paris.

And especially for hip hop stars of this type. Edison Chen here has somehow managed to portray himself as a player or something along those lines. And I find it hard to believe that this would actually hurt him over in North America. I guess I’m jaded, but I’m so used to rap artists out there crowing about doing nasty things to random “bitches” and supermanning that “ho” that I can’t really see that the public would get all up in arms if they actually did that and then decided to take pictures.

I guess it’s pretty interesting to note that despite many obvious similarities in language, subject, and style, there are a lot of differences in hip hop around the world.

Chen had previously made an impassioned plea for people to delete the photos and stop downloading them. But it’s hard to call for decency when your reputation is based on being a hip-hop gangster-style “playa”. He acted in Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong triad film which was the basis for Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning film The Departed.

Hong Kongers are less reserved than their counterparts across the border, but they are still fairly prudish on matters sexual. So it was with a mixture of titillation and horror that they looked at the pictures, which seem to have been stolen from Chen’s pink laptop after he took it to a repair shop. Hong Kong police have so far made 10 arrests in connection with the scandal.

This may even be a bit mean in some ways, if this poor Canadian-born artist is really finished, but I think it may be a bit of a positive thing if the public starts to show some negative reactions to these type of hip hop artists. Not to get all high and preachy on the state of hip hop, but if the public were to suggest that they were less interested in hearing about sexual exploits with women and more about the other aspects of hip hop, it may produce more of the progressive kind of hip hop. But then again, I guess 28 million page views of your nudie photos suggests that even if the public says they’re against it, they really aren’t.

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