Madonna going hip hop? Maybe hip hop should play dead., who may not be the most authoritative source in the world, is reporting that Madonna is trying to hook up with Timbaland to produce a hip hop style album.

This could be the worst thing to hit hip hop since Chingy.

It may be too early to freak out just yet, since the album isn’t remotely done yet.  And I’m not even positive she’ll be rapping or anything.   It may be her singing over hip hop beats, but the mere fact that she is working with Pharell scares me to no end.

I mean seriously, it’s Madonna.

I by no means want to take away with all the good things she has done for music over the last 20 years.  She has done a lot to push the envelope at all times, and that is something to be respected.  In fact, she opened the minds of many music lovers and has arguably done more than any other female artist to really push for women’s sexuality.

Pretty much no matter how you look at it, Madonna has done great things in the past.  It’s the future I am worried about.  I’m just concerned that her suggesting she’s ready to do something with a little more hip hop feel may not end well for legitimate hip hop artists.

But, looking realistically, she will probably outsell nearly everyone else.  Not only does she have her own following, but everything Timbaland touches turns to gold.  So love it or hate it, be prepared to have Madonna lay some hip hop on you.

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