Dropping Science: Hip-Hop Message Resonates With Students

Apparently hip hop knows NO bounds at all.

NASA and Honeywell are using hip hop as a method to reach out to young people in the US. They’re hoping that by trying to convey science through hip hop they will find a way to reach these kids.

Apparently the number of people choosing to go into science or related fields is dropping, while the number of opportunities in these fields is increasing.

Not that science isn’t exhilarating or anything, but I always tend to find myself skeptical of these little programs where they try to use music to reach out to kids at school. There have been way too many TV spoofs of this type of thing for me to not be on edge a little.

The program, which was presented Wednesday at Howe Academy on Indianapolis’ east side, uses songs and videos to turn Newton’s three laws of motion into an interactive science lesson for children, 6News’ Julie Pursley reported.

The program, called FMA Live, is short for force equals mass times acceleration. Educators said the message resonates with students because it relates to them in a way they can easily remember.

I still must say I strongly support anything that gets kids more engaged in school. So good job for Honeywell for footing the bill on this one.

Check out the video below to see FMA Live in action.

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