Worlds Worst Rapper

Seriously, I can’t even tell you how terrible this guy is. I mean look at him!

So why are we posting about him?  Good question.

I think my point is mainly that with the internet, really anyone can put their own music out there.  We’ve definitely taken advantage of it in the past, but I like to think that we’re much, much better than he is.

Self described as a “white skid that grew up in middle-class suburbia in canada. if that doesn’t make me a hardcore gangsta then what does?”, I think what he does is hilarious.  He has done a pretty good job of getting his name out there, signing on to all kinds of indie band sites, facebook, myspace, everywhere.

I mean, how can anyone compete with lyrical genius like “I dug a big dark hole like I was a coal miner”.

I honestly defy any of you to find me a worse rapper.   And no, Young Jeezy doesn’t count.  Though it’s close.

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