John McCain’s Double Talk Express

Obviously take it with a grain of salt since all political videos are created with a certain set of biases.

This is clearly no exception and 4080Records does not endorse it by any means. It could be inaccurate, it could be outright wrong or conveniently edited. Still, it’s a pretty interesting look at a man who claims to speak “Straight Talk”.

This video compares John McCain’s various statements over time. To be fair, I can’t honestly fault him for the Iraq thing. It’s clearly a misstatement for him to claim that he always knew it wouldn’t be easy. But it is more important for politicians to come to terms with the way a situation like Iraq is now then for them to be right about the way they viewed it before. I’d way rather have him change his mind on this issue than have him stick to the line that everything is peachy in that area of the world.

Either way, take a look.

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