Napkin Fiction – Esquire

Napkin Fiction – Esquire

This is an awesome project from a pretty unlikely source. As far as men’s magazines go, I’m sure Esquire ranks somewhere up there in terms of class, but that’s not exactly saying too much. Anyways, they decided to go out and do something artistic!

Esquire went ahead and mailed out hundreds of napkins to writers all across America and asked them to write a short story on it and return them. About 100 stories actually came back and some of them are pretty good. It’s amazing to think that these people managed to cram a full story into such a small space.

The commonly used comparison to something like this is Hemingway’s famous boast that he could write a complete story in just six words. His result? “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”

It just goes to show that maybe quantity isn’t everything when it comes to writing, and that the bigger the book doesn’t mean the better.

You should definitely check it out, some of these stories will blow your mind, others will not so much. If nothing else maybe it’ll give you something to do the next time you’re sitting at the bar with some time on your hands.

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