How To Making The Beats

Anyone who has ever done a Youtube search for anything remotely similar to the phrase ‘beat making,’ or even ‘mpc,’ or ‘producer’ knows that there are literally hundreds of videos of dudes (unfortunately, the world of beat making is dominated entirely by males) explaining how to make beats. The vast majority of them are terrible, but some of them are really, really good.

For a list of the better ones, check out Music Thing’s list of the ‘10 greatest beat-making videos ever (Or, you know, today)‘ and ‘10 MORE greatest beat making videos ever’.

Or, if you don’t have the patience to spend two minutes reading (basically, if you were born anytime after about 1978), watch this video featuring the amazing cardboard ’empeec’:

PS: I remember watching a hilarious spoof by some German dude several months ago, but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please send me a link.

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