Hells Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger – Telegraph

Hells Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger – Telegraph

That’s right. It’s true. Now of course this isn’t a recent plot or anything, so don’t be scared for the life of your favourite Rolling Stone. In fact, Jagger didn’t even know about this attempt until recently, when the BBC broke the story.
Apparently way back in 1969, the Hells Angels were quite upset with Jagger over what they saw as mistreatment. The story alleges that the Hells Angels were hired to provide security for a Stones concert at a racetrack. During the show, a young woman was discovered approaching the stage with a gun. The Angels saw her, and one of them actually stabbed her. Her death was captured on film, making it even more shocking.

The Angel who stabbed her was acquitted of murder because he acted in self-defence.

Jagger apparently had stated that he would never use the Angels for security again. This is questionable as it is unconfirmed. But apparently the Angels were so incensed by this, a group of them got a small boat and decided to kill Jagger at his holiday home in the Hamptons. They figured by attacking from the sea, they could avoid most of the security. Turns out mother nature was on Mick’s side, and a storm ended up capsizing the boat before they ever got there. The Angels just gave up after that, apparently, and didn’t bother trying again.

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