Gnarls Barkley releases New Album!

In exciting news, Pitchfork Media is reporting that the long-awaited new Gnarls Barkley album is out already!

Obviously this follow-up to St. Elsewhere has some big shoes to fill, because I’m pretty sure “Crazy” was played somewhere in the world at least once a minute for an entire year.

Apparently they rushed to get the album out, partially in an attempt to defeat music pirates. The album was out for download at least a couple of weeks before the release date, so Gnarls did their best to get the album out ASAP. Not a bad idea, really.

Check out the video for their first single, Run (I’m a Natural Disaster), below.

So far the album is available through ITunes and (Not for some reason). You should also be able to pick it up in stores. For now, click here: The Odd Couple

As far as the album itself goes, you get a little bit of everything. For those ‘Crazy’ fans, you get upbeat party anthems like Run (I’m a Natural Diasaster). Those of you who dig the softer tones, check out ‘Who’s gonna save my soul?’.

The beats are tight as per always, with Dangermouse really shining through. For someone who really was unheard of for many years, he has really blown up. And once more, you see his growth. Dangermouse provides relaxed beats on tracks like ‘Would be killer’. He goes a little more electronic (almost drum and bassy) on ‘Open Book’, and even goes a slight little bit towards an island vibe with ‘Surprise’. It’s a remarkable collection of diverse beats.

Cee-Lo does his regular thing, crooning on a lot of tracks and gruffly rapping on some others. For a nice little sign of his vocal range, check out ‘No Time Soon.’ For the first time, you get a sense of his actual singing ability. All in all, you’ll love this album. While it seems to lack the blockbuster hits of St. Elsewhere, if you take the album as a whole, I think you’ll find that it’s a solid sophomore effort.

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