LP sales surpass CDs! | The Audiophiliac

LP sales surpass CDs! | The Audiophiliac

In what has to be one of those April Fool’s Day pranks that I wish was true, The Audiophiliac blog ran an article that stated LP sales had finally beaten CD sales.

Today’s vinyl surge is fueled by a greater awareness of sound quality by music fans and artists, who have grown tired of hearing the power of their music thwarted by low-bit digital. After all, the iTunes version isn’t actually cheaper to buy than vinyl, and the fans are aware of the new reality: if it costs the same, why not buy the best sounding version? Some vinyl fans get the best of both formats and transfer the vinyl’s music to digital for their iPods.

The six decade old LP format has finally regained its position as the music format of choice.

Check out the article. And keep hoping. With the decline in CD sales, this may actually be true one day.

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