Mills and McCartney recorded rap song

Mills and McCartney recorded rap song

I wish I could make this sort of thing up.  But it’s the truth.

Heather Mills (formerly Heather Mills McCartney) and Sir Paul actually managed to record some sort of rap song together.

It seems a little bit funny to me, but I guess she did it with good intentions.  Titled “The Disability Rap”.  She wanted to release the song to raise money for disabled children.

That in and of itself needs some praise, because I think anything that comes with a charity aim has to be respected and appreciated.  Not enough people do things like this in the world, so even if they’re a bit of a twit, they need to at least be acknowledged for their good intentions.

Still, as hip hop goes it doesn’t exactly sound like a great rap.  Heather does the actual rapping, while Sir Paul McCartney provides the hook and some random background vocals.

In the song, Heather says: “It’s been hard, other children can be cruel. Teasing and tormenting – freak, weirdo, retard. What do they know?”

“So you go to the NHS and they do their best with their limited budget. They make her limbs but she can’t wear them – they’re painful. And every step you take is even more painful to you. So you thank them because it’s the best they can do. No Mr. Minister. It’s not. And you know it.”

Interesting.  I’ve tried to dig up a copy of it somewhere on the interweb, but no luck so far.  Rest assured this post will be updated if I can find one.

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