Common and Q-Tip Join Forces

Yes, this story is a year old. Yes, that means we suck at staying on top of things. And yes, sadly it means it may not happen. But we’re not giving up hope.

According to XXLMag, Q-Tip and Common have decided to form a new group, to be called “The Standard”. It’s groundbreaking news, or rather it was when the news first came out last September. The rumor was that after the Abstract and Common came back from touring together, they’d get in the studio and start recording an album.

In fact, it sounds pretty dope if you ask me.

As far as the production on the album, though, fans can expect Q-Tip to handle the majority. “I’m probably gonna do a lot of it,” ‘Tip says. “And we’ll get Kanye [West] on a couple things, but you know, that cat is busy.”

I’m not even a huge Kanye fan, but since he’s got what I like to call the “Timbaland touch”, it really can’t hurt to have him on your album. Kanye and Common have done some magic together on his last few albums, so i guess I really can’t complain too much.

Still, as far as I can tell so far nothing has really developed from that news story, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed they’ll come out with something. Since so many of these stories just fizzle out, I’m not going to hold my breath, but you never know.

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