The stories behind your favourite band names

What’s in a band name? , frankly, quite a lot.

This article by The Independent (a major UK paper), goes into the history behind a bunch of bands.  Some you may not have heard of, but others have definitely come to your attention lately.  Everyone from Modest Mouse to !!! (yes, they’re actually called !!!).  Just to give you a little sample, here’s their history of Sigur Ros.

Sigur Ros
Iceland’s favourite sons have always entrenched themselves within their own world, writing songs in their made-up language called Hopelandic, which is a constructed language of nonsense syllables resembling the phonology of the Icelandic language. They have even brought out an album without any title, any song titles or any time divisions between the song tracks. While he was forming the band, guitarist and vocalist Jonsi Birgisson’s mother gave birth to a daughter. She was named Sigurros, which when translated directly means “Victory Rose”, and is a fairly common first name in Iceland. Jonsi took inspiration and decided upon the name.

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