4080Records Presents: Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a particular strange and, I think, incredible artist. He obviously uses a pretty wide variety of materials but in the documentary below, his focus is mainly on turntables and vinyl.

What could be more in keeping for 4080? Nothing! Check out the video below to get a sense of his work.

Marclay is quite the character. He started off in playing music in the punk rock era. Wikipedia suggests his inspiration came from using a skipping turntable to fill in for a missing drummer (the skips being used as percussion).

I think my favourite thing that he’s done (as you’ve seen in the video), is the way he cuts and rejoins thrift-store records. It creates a whole new sound out of old vinyl, and may mean some interesting combinations. Obviously harming any records (as you also saw in the video, with his little vinyl snapping ensemble) is not a thing we’re endorsing, but you have to admit some of the sounds he’s come up with are pretty intriguing.

Overall I’d say it’s his use of a traditional music form in brave new ways that draws me in the most. He’s really exploring new uses for vinyl and for a turntable, in a way that is supposed to encourage thought. I’m not saying he’s entirely succeeding, but he’s also not doing terribly either.

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