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The CornerIt’s been a few days, but your boy Fu-quon is back from self-imposed exile (I had a job interview I needed to get ready for, among other things).

Now that I’m back, my first order of business is to highly recommend you check out The Corner, a dope hip-hop and r&b show that broadcasts every Friday from 5pm-6pm on CFUV, the University of Victoria’s community radio station. Hosted by Your Girl Ash and Angie B. Fresh, The Corner is the local source for the illest new underground beats and rhymes, interviews with local cats and visiting acts and commentary on all the latest and greatest in the hip-hop world.

If you’re not in the Victoria area, check out the show online at  

6 Replies to “The Corner on CFUV 101.9”

  1. REPRESENTTTTTT! ha ha. We are pre-recording the interview with Kno of Cunninlynguists tonight, to be aired this Friday April 18th

  2. Whoa whoa whoa, you’re interviewing Kno from Cunninlynguists? That’s SICK! Well done, and i really hope to try and tune in.

  3. HI!

    As you may already know, Classified (Luke Boyd) has just dropped his new single and set to release his new album on March 22nd.

    Class will be available for phone interviews so feel free to hit me up if you’re interested or have any questions.

    More info is available at


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