Happy Record Store Day! (in Advance)


April 19 is the official Record Store Day!

This completely caught me off guard. I really had no idea there was a record store day, but now that I know I’ll definitely make sure to celebrate it.

In case you don’t know, Record Store Day is meant to celebrate hundreds (if not thousands) of independently owned record stores. The ones you go to all the time, that has that girl or guy behind the counter that knows a little too much about music. Or, if you’re unlucky, just walk by and always wish you could go in.

Before I explain any more, here is a link to find out if your store is participating. By going to the website, you can also sign your store up to participate. It may be too late, but it’s worth a shot!

A lot of big name artists are participating, and part of the rationale is a desire to almost “combat” the closure of all kinds of record stores. The growth of ITunes and digital music is, in a lot of ways, killing the independent record store. There are, and will always be, hardcore fans (such as us here at 4080) that will continue to dig in the crates as much as we can, but without additional support not nearly as many can survive.

They even have a youtube channel, at http://www.youtube.com/recordstoreday that showcases videos from bands and fans to support the cause. So check out some of the videos.

On TOP of all these wonderful links and entertaining things, I have another special surprise for you. CBC Radio 3 has been running a contest to determine Canada’s best record store. You can vote here. According to the Edmonton Journal, the finalists are:

Edmonton’s Sound Connection, a haven for used vinyl, is one of five finalists – along with Meow Records in Prince George, B.C., Taz Records in Halifax, Backstreet in Saint John, N.B., and Back Alley Music in Charlottetown.

So that being said, Happy Record Store Day! April 19, go find a little record store (not one of those big chains), and buy something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be a record. It doesn’t even have to be music. Just find something and buy it. Or hell, just GIVE them money if you REALLY can’t find anything. It doesn’t matter if they’re officially participating in the day, they could probably use your business anyways.

For those of you in the Montreal area, please check here for some wicked stores to check out.

For those of you not in the Montreal area, you can usually find anything you want here. The Global Electronic Music Marketplace will let you find enormous amounts of vinyl and CD’s and order them from various little record shops. So keep an eye out on that site. I’ve found some stuff there that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

On that note, I’ll leave you a little quote by Brother Ali about record stores

Brother Ali

“I’ve always loved independent music stores because the staff is usually there because of a genuine love and appreciation for music. They’re more in-tune with the customers and I’m willing to pay the extra dollar or two for the service they provide. Some of my greatest music discoveries have come from picking up an album at an indy store and the cat behind the register saying “You like this man? Have you heard of so-and-so?” I prefer to shop where people understand me and the music- the music i like.”

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