Can hip hop get out the vote? – NPR Radio will tell you.

NPR radio has just run a pretty interesting look at hip hop and its tie to US Politics.

So, NPR has run this interview with “interviewer Farai Chideya, Robert “Biko” Baker (the executive director of the League of Young Voters); Sonia Murray, a music reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and DJ Drama, an Atlanta-based recording artist and DJ.” (I just copied and pasted this little paragraph from the NPR website).

Sadly, I can’t find a way to link directly to the audio stream, so you’ll have to listen from the NPR website here.

So Biko, besides being nicknamed after one of the biggest driving forces behind the movement to end apartheid in South Africa, is also the current director of the League of Young Voters.  It’s has a pretty amazing mission, to try and turn out young voters, particularly from inner-city and other disenfranchised areas.  Youth are the people who are often the most disaffected with contemporary politics and thus the least likely to turn out.

Not being extremely familiar with NPR, I was pleasantly surprised with the nature of the interview.  Chideya asked some tough questions, and I’m glad to see it.

If you have 16 minutes to spare, take a listen.  Even if you don’t, take a listen and fast forward through parts that you don’t like.

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