Hip hop and Jane Austen

Word on the street from several sources is that the brains behind Menace II Society has decided to take on a new challenge.  Tyger Williams has decided to do a hip hop version of Jane Austen’s Emma.

The details are pretty sketchy besides the fact that it will be set in an inner-city high school, and actually be a hip hop musical.

I have no idea about casting yet, but it’s hard to imagine who’d want to star in something like this.  There’s quite a few rappers-turned-actors, so I’m sure they’d be all over a chance to get involved with a re-telling of a classic story.

It’s an interesting choice, considering the protagonist in this story is a spoiled, rich, self-centered brat.  Much of the story revolves around her playing ‘matchmaker’ between various other people in her life, and intervening whenever she feels like it.

It’s an unlikely pairing, to have a hip hop musical about this story, but it’s just yet another sign of hip hop taking over.

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