Arctic Hip Hop

Here, we see the Winnipeg Sun reporting on a pretty amazing story. The Canadian Floor Masters are bringing pride to hip hop in general.  The founder, a bboy named Stephen Leafloor has decided to take his art to the Arctic. I’m impressed with his desire to encourage youth from the North to participate, and to acknowledge the power that hip hop has over youth of any culture!

In the video below, we see the CTV News report on this project, and apparently a whole documentary about it is being broadcast on Canadian TV soon.  So if you’re in Canada, I’d say do a quick google and ifnd out.

This is located in the tiny little town of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Apparently, 100 teenagers got together to learn from Leafloor and two other members of his crew.  They worked for 9 hours a day for two weeks, teaching the youth there about hip hop in general.  One of the coolest parts is that they actually created a “baby brother crew” up there, to try and keep the project going.

The globe and mail article on the same documentary suggests some closet strengths. Apparently, once the hip hop team was welcomed into the community they started asking some tough questions about substance abuse and other items of interest. It’s an interesting way to try to get to know a community that is often more foreign to Canadians than those separated by oceans.  I’m happy that it seems as if the youth really took to the concept of hip hop, and if it gives a few kids something to do that keeps them away from some of the troubles we see in a lot of areas, it’s well worth it.

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