Clinton, Edwards AND Obama all on Colbert Report

I kid you not. All three of these Democrat politicians made their appearance on the Colbert Report on April 17.

It’s no secret that Colbert has been actively courting to try and get Obama to appear on the program, even asking his wife Michelle on air if she would help.  He finally got his wish (kind of).  Following the Democrat debate in Philadelphia (arguably one of the worst run debates in television history), the candidates were already in town so Colbert took advantage.

The first appearance was by Hillary Clinton.  The scene was that Colbert’s background screen was on the fritz, and all of the technicians were missing.  So he stood up and asked:

“Are you telling me there is no one in this theater who can fix the mess we’re in?” Colbert cried out.

“I can,” Clinton said as she strolled onstage

An interesting and pretty amusing little scenario, with Clinton seeming pretty comfortable.  It wasn’t as self-deprecating as I was hoping, but at least she managed to poke a little fun at herself.  She told Colbert he could call her anytime, even at 3 am.

Next up is John Edwards.  He delivered exactly what I was hoping for.  A pretty comic spin at his own fallacies and the democratic race as a whole.  He made light of the fact that both campaigns were actively seeking his endorsement, and jokingly said that he’d need at least 2 jetskis for his vote, among other things.  The only video I could find of the the show was of Edwards’ guest appearance delivering The Word (or as he called it, the EdWords). Check it out below.

Lastly, Barack Obama made his appearance via video conference from another rally he was at.  He was in pretty good spirits overall, and managed to make a solid point about the manufactured political distractions that he had spoken of at the previous nights debate.  He even went so far to, Colbert style, put these distractions on notice.

Below is the transcript:

Obama: “Stephen, these distractions they won’t help us fix our economy, they won’t help get people health care. They won’t get us out of Iraq. Stephen, I would go so far as to say I want to put these political distractions on notice.”

Colbert: “What!?”

Obama: “Boys, bring out the on notice board.”

Colbert. “Senator, I have to warn you, I probably don’t have a card for distractions.”

Colbert sifted through a card-box, saying, “Let me I see, I’ve got Dionne Warwick, Deion Sanders, Dion comma Celine, Dirigibiles, There we go! Distractions!

“Okay senator, uh, something’s gonna have to come off, what should I remove?”

Obama: “Well it can’t be grizzly bears, they are the number one threat to America.”

Colbert: “Good man.”

Obama: “I think we should take off James Brady, he’s a good guy.”

Colbert: “All right, Brady. This is your lucky day.  Okay here we go.  Distractions, I hope you’re paying attention….Wham! How’s that taste?”

Obama: “Manufactured, manufactured political distractions, you are officially on notice.”

Those of you in the US may be able to check out clips from the show on the Colbert Report page.

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