MySpace Monday: Substantial

To lead off in our series of MySpace Monday posts, is proud to present Substantial.

This MC has been touring all over North America while opening for the Cunninlynguists. That in and of itself should make you want to give him a chance. Anyone that can tour with a crew that dope has to have something special.

The Baltimore native has released a few albums to date and just dropped his latest, Sacrifice, about a year ago. Check our a review from here.

Here’s what they have to say:

Substantial’s emceeing and lyricism is on full display as he coasts through “That Damn Good” and “Chain Reaction” in a seemingly effortless fashion. “My Favorite Things” takes a twist on the old show tune and turns it into one of the more clever dedications to Hip Hop. “4dozdatdonkno” is the album’s only glaring misstep, as it contains less charisma than any of the other tracks on Sacrifice, and doesn’t really seem to belong. This small departure is quickly forgotten, however, as things pick right back up with It’s You (I Think)/Go Wait (Interlude), and don’t stop until the album closes out.

To that end, here’s a track off that album, a little hip hop remix of My Favourite Things: [audio:]

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