Jurassic 5 is no more!

This is another example of us poor beleaguered 4080ites (pronounced fourty-eightyites) being a little bit behind the curve.

In what really should have been bigger news, more than a year ago, reports came out that Jurassic 5 had decided to break up.

To be entirely honest, I hadn’t really heard all that much. I even thought that Feedback was a pretty sick album, even if it did feature some pretty unexpected artists. So I really didn’t see their breakup coming, especially because their sale figures looked pretty decent. Hell, I even managed to see them on tour promoting that album before they broke up.

What’s even more disturbing to me is Soup’s quote about why they broke up.

“Some people may say it’s a creative thing, but I’m not buying it. Some might say business, some might say merchandising, whatever, there’s some really stupid sh*t, some really childish things, happening,” continued Soup. “[But] when it comes down to it, some people here want their own shine, their own thing. If that’s what you want, I say more power to you. I hope it works out for you–just don’t come up with lame excuses [for J5’s demise].”


I mean, I understand that creative differences can pop up at any time, and really, no one can expect a group of people to get along perfectly forever. I guess deep down I always hoped J5 would stay above the drama. But hey, they’re human.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for Chali 2na’s solo album, a Fish Out of Water. The release dates keep getting pushed back. For now, you can grab his Mixtape, called The Fish Market.

Here is a single from the album titled “Don’t Stop”.

Chali 2na – Don’t Stop.


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