Johnny Cash still walks the line

Johnny Cash still walks the line

Vince Mira is 15. He is 15 and he sounds exactly like Johnny Cash. It’s actually pretty eerie to hear, but it’s nice to see someone paying such tribute to a great artist like Cash.

I can’t find all that much information about this young fellow, except that his nickname is now “Juanny Cash”. Yes, it’s a little silly, and yes, possibly even has some less than nice racial undertones, but he doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

Amazingly enough, he was even scheduled to perform at Folsom Prison, recreating one of Johnny Cash’s most famous shows. But he had to cancel the show thanks to some sort of quasi-riot.

If you want to have one of those mind blowing moments, watch the video below of MIra’s performance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Also, check out Mira’s Myspace for a couple of more songs and details on how to get his album.

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