Direct Note Access will revolutionize beatmaking

One of the biggest drawbacks to making beats is that once you get an insane sample, sometimes it doesn’t quite have the sound you want.

Yes I know that sounds obvious, but bear with me. Think about if you take a sick guitar riff or something, there’s just something not quite right about it, something that doesn’t fit with what you wanted to do.

You play around with it a little, shifting pitch and all that, but it’s not just good enough.

Melodyne with Direct Note Access lets you actually go into the chord and directly alter individuals notes. Think about the possibility. You can tweak each note till you get the perfect sound for it. I’m not even clear on all the technical aspects of it, but it sounds pretty unreal to me. You can check out their FAQ here.

I can’t even explain the excitement. It gives the bedroom producer so much flexibility. Or it would if it didn’t cost $700 USD. So maybe it’s more for those small indie studios to play with then someone like ourselves.

Below is basically a glorified infomercial, but it’ll show you just exactly how (potentially) amazing this program will be. If it works, I’d be all over it.

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