4080Records Presents: Debra Hurd

Debra Hurd is quite the artist.  Not to say that she’s really all that original, but I really like her Jazz painting series.  It’s got a style that looks hurried and kind of blurry, and does a pretty good job of capturing what the performance is like.  It’s a rush of action and you tend to focus way more on the music than on the people playing it.  Here it’s almost like the musicians in the paintings are not the focus of the attention, which is somehow disconcerting because they’re really the only things in the painting to begin with.

She loves using all kinds of bright colours and maybe that’s part of what appeals to me.  Here’s her own explanation:

Debra explains: “A very ordinary scene can be perceived differently when painted with a bit of exaggerated color and awareness of light. The ordinary then becomes the extraordinary. Color is critical. When I’m asked which color is my favorite, I tend to think in terms of which two or three colors I like in combination.”

A bunch of her paintings are for sale through her website, so check ’em out if you’ve got some money to spend.

one of debra's paintings

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