Hip-Hop Doc talks about HIV and AIDS

This article is yet another example of how hip hop can really do a lot of good in the world.

Dr. Rani Whitfield is often known as the “hip hop doc”. It may be a little bit of a ridiculous nickname, but he’s actually a fascinating person.

He uses hip hop and rap to try and raise awareness about those devastating health issues like HIV/AIDS and its disproportionate impact on the black community. According to the article, black people make up almost half of all people infected with HIV/AIDS in the US.

That’s a crazy thing to think about. Only 13% of the total American population is black, but yet they make up 50% of ALL of those affected with AIDS. It’s a terrible situation, and one that needs to be solved using increased education.

Discussing the risks and the nature of the disease openly and honestly is of paramount importance, and is something that is only starting to get done. Whitfield actually raps to try and get his message out. Sometimes this can be a little hokey, but I haven’t yet been able to hear his song yet so I can’t really judge.

He’s also taking his message online, launching “Let’s Get Hip Hop Healthy” on Youtube. Below is the first episode of the series.

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