Chilirec – Internet radio that lets you download?

Lifehacker, an unbelievably popular blog ran a story the other day that may forever alter the way people use the internet to find media files.

You start by signing up (obviously) and then pick your radio stations. There’s a pretty long list, as you can see below.

After you accept their ‘terms’ (they make you promise not to use the service for file sharing, only personal use) you get taken to the recorder. It’s a pretty simple procedure, because it starts recording all of the radio stations you picked.

After that, it’s a simple matter of looking through all the recordings and downloading the ones you want. It may seem like a time consuming task, but this may be a decent way to get exposure to some new artists and to get around some of that pesky piracy stuff. And, as Lifehacker pointed out, since it’s entirely web-based it’s a good way to get around situations where you can’t/don’t want to install software. Check it out here.

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