Turntable Art – Simon Elvins

Simon Elvins is an astonishing artist who was featured over at the blog Pretty Goes with Pretty.

The creation you see pictured on the left is a fully working record player made entirely out of paper. That’s right, it actually plays vinyl. And it’s made out of paper.

Now, it’s more for the artistic effects of it then any musical aspects, since the LP has to be turned manually to make any sound come out.

Elvin has done a lot of work involving different depictions of music and audio. It goes all across the spectrum from books and publications to unique “maps” that involve plotting his own personal movement across a city based on pictures he took, or Silent London, which uses noise levels to plot out the city’s quietest places.

His focus on auditory phenomena makes him a perfect fit for 4080Records, and I think you should check him out.

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