Day: May 9, 2008


Canadian Content: Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon

Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon are the binary stars (it’s called a metaphor) of avant-garde Canadian hip-hop. And by avant-garde I mean dope. Both musicians blend thought-provoking, often obtuse raps over eclectic, unconventional beats, resulting in a unique brand of hip-hop that is difficult to describe yet uniquely Canadian. The two are sometimes compared to American […]


DJ Swindle – ALmatic

DJ Swindle has put out entire albums of mashup goodness.  Tackling everything from mixing Eminem with Michael Jackson, 50 Cent with 80’s music and even (as you can listen to below) Snoop Dogg with Curtis Mayfield.  Here is Snooperfly – Fuck That. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] One of the ones that caught […]


Hezbollah at war in Lebanon

Lebanon is no stranger to war and damage. The war Israel conducted two years ago caused a huge swathe of destruction and set Lebanon’s development back by decades. After that, the international community moved in to try and create a barrier between Israel and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. However, that hasn’t stopped the latest set […]

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