Mos Def freestyle from the early 90’s

The Meaning of Dope is a pretty solid website. They obviously have been into hip hop for a long, long time and are extremely knowledgeable about the subject. Some of their obscure trivia knowledge may even rival our own. I think the best and worst part about the site is it’s emphasis on videos. Obviously we were at 4080 love ourselves some Youtube links, but these guys have gone a step further. They’ve got their own flash player going and have some of the sickest videos around.

Unfortunately, they haven’t seen fit to allow embedding. While we could just jack the video and display it for you, that just wouldn’t be right. So you’ll have to follow this link to see a very young Mos Def freestyling at CKLN radio in Toronto back in the early 1990’s.

The footage comes from a documentary called “Make some Noise”. It’s from 1995 and is a small doc on underground hip hop in Toronto. It’s nearly impossible to find these days. The closest I’ve been able to find is a copy at the York University library that may or may not exist. So if any of you can find a copy, I’d be forever in your debt.


The Meaning of Dope really just raised itself a few dozen points in my book. They’ve now enabled embedding, so check out the dope video here:

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